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I called Yarmouth VIP to get a quote for some exhuast parts for my 99 ranger ,intermediate pipe ,muffler,and tail pipe.They quoted me about $120.00, then I brought it in to have them fix it for me they thought it would 1 hour labor. Later that day they called me to tell me that the parts were going to be over $250.00 and the labor was more than 2 hours.I told them what they quoted me and they said they couldn't do it for that price and in an hour,so I told them to forget it I'll go somewhere else.

So I went across the street and bought all the parts including all clamps and hangers for $200.00 and layed down on my back in my dirt driveway and did the whole job in less than 45min.

Before ,we were doing oil changes and other services there to the tune of $500.00 per vehicle per year there .. Not any more, I'll never go back to VIP

Product or Service Mentioned: Vip Auto Parts Repair.

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Portland, Maine, United States #1263036

Went into the Yarmouth VIP store for my winter tire change over. Asked them to check if my tires were still balanced before putting them back on.

After waiting an hour, a rep comes out telling me they just checked the alignment (?didn't ask them to do that) and it was off. I reluctantly let them proceed since rep assured me the tires would be balanced as well. After another hour, car finally done. I asked them to ensure the tire pressures were correct.

I had to drive the car on the turnpike this week and it shook bad over 50 mph - obviously neither the alignment or tire balancing was done.

Checked tire pressures and they were not near correct. I won't go back to this store as they obviously don't have the technical experience needed for this work.


All their locations are the same with there gimmicky sales and *** "packages" me I used to work for them

Yarmouth, Maine, United States #580289

I concur with everyone else who has posted here. The Yarmouth ME store is full of extraordinarily rude guys and untrained teenagers as their crew.

They prey on rich, yuppie locals who don't know any better and don't care to know any better because they can afford any of the BS VIP recommends to them. Go somewhere else.


This is not just at that location, they offer *** offers to get you car in the bays and go to town, stay away- that's your best bet,definitely not a way to earn a customer for life


Hate to be a downer. But the boys at the Yarmouth, Maine VIP need to be re-trained. Went in for a State inspection. Failed for only 2 reason. 1 need new lower ball joints. (only thing i really need that they saw) and 2 I was told I needed new brake pads all round. They told me it would cost $400 for all that work. I said no thanks. Paid the fee for the inspection and said I would be back.

Got the pads replace and found my current pads not only would have passed state inspection every place else, but still had over a year left on them. Didn't even need replacing. Then I was told by my mechanic that my driver side lower control arm had a huge crack in it. HUGE safety risk and very obvious to see when inspecting the tire unit area. If it would have crack all the way say bye bye to the tire.

So, first they wanted to charge me for something that didn't need to be done (pads) and they completely over looked a huge safety risk part. Not the first time I have had issues with their techs. Feel like I pay a professional price for on-the-job training mechanics.


Brought my 99 dodge 3500 there for them to replace a brake line. they replaced it and gave the truck back to me with the abs light and the brake light on.

The old line had rotted out and they said that all they did was replace it. They said the lights were on when they got the truck. The reservoir was empty...

now my abs does not work at all..

they charged me 400 $ and gave me the truck back in worse condition then when I gave it to them.. Yarmouth VIP are rip off artists!!!!!!!!!!!!!


haha yea i used to go there.then i heard about a tire that they replaced fell off due to only hand tightend lug nuts

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