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Last year I purchased a lifetime alignment package ($199.00) for my 2002 Toyota Camry at VIP. There was no mention at the point of purchase of a requirement to have all future frontend work done at VIP. When I took the Camry in for an alignment at the Winslow, Maine store today I was informed the alignment package was voided because I had some frontend work done by someone other than VIP. We all know that having this work done by another vendor does not cause VIP any additional work or expense relating to the alignment. It is simply a restrictive clause that forces me to do business with VIP.

To be fair there is a boilerplate statement on the back of the invoice which states,"If your vehicle needs an alignment to worn or broken chassis or front end parts VIP will still provide the alignment for free provided the replacement parts and labor are purchased from VIP". I like most consumers do not ever read all this boilerplate on the back of nearly all invoices. My complaint is one that VIP did not make me aware of this prior to my purchase and two they have no right to restrict who I can chose to service my vehicle as long as it does not affect the time and or expense of performing the agreed upon work. It's just like the just like the coal miners who were paid in company script which forced them to buy everything at the company store.

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I used to work at VIP as a manager and they do a lot of things to this nature to screw people over....they are not a well-natured organization


sounds like your pissed cuz you didnt read the fine print...seems as though if your dropping hundred of dollars on your vehicle, you would pay more attention to what your signing.


I also worked for them, I don't even know how that is legal but they are the first to overcharge and screw people over, that's why I don't work there


as a former employee of vip. i did not know about this till now.

i am very sorry about this.

this is why i do not work in the stores any more. i do not like screwing people any over

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