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I recieved an oil change from VIP auto on wednesday dec 12th 2007 in the afternoon, after picking the car up that night i had driven it roughly a hundread miles, and that night returned to my apartment in Henniker. Now take into consideration that during this time, we were in the midst of a snow storm, and have already had a bunch of snow up here. Friday morning i leave to go skiing with a group of friends, and return late saturday night. Sunday morning comes along, i run outside to start my car up to warm it up as it hasnt ran in a couple days. I started the car, and then ran back into my house as it was freezing out. 10-15 minutes later i go outside, and upon opening my apartment door i hear a loud clanking noise coming from my car. Immediately i shut my vehichle off as i knew it was not right. I pop the hood, and check the oil and the dipstick isn't recognzing ANY oil in the motor. As a business major i figured mistakes happen and call VIP auto to let them knnow of the problem. They asked if i could get it down there, obviously i said no as it was not working properly. Prior to this i had decided to go skiing again sunday, so i said ill call them whne i get back skiing ot handle the situation as i was obviously very mad. My friend needed windshield wippers for the trip, so we stopped @ VIP and i talked to the assistang mgr, she said they will send a tow truck to pick up the car, and i left my key with the people @ VIP, not having the key for the tow truck comes into effect throughout the story. After returning from skiing on monday night i call VIP and talk to a "special technician" that was working on my case, this gentleman's first statement is "did you get into an accident or go off the road during the snow storm?" I replied no sir, i havent been involvedin any bad driving etc, so i felt offended by this comment. this mans next statement is what really blows my mind as he insists that if i have insurance i should file a FAKE report through insurance, tell them i went off the road during a snow storm, and drove off not knowing my car was damaged???? How much sense does that make, and 2nd of all their employee is telling me to file an illegal report? sounds like a cover up to me. Upon talking to my father who is a fire fighter in MA, he called the company and they tell him that the "under carrige" of my car is "loaded with snow", so i must have gone off the road and hit something. Upon more arguing, my father came up yesterday to pick up the car, and they showed us where the believe i "hit" something, ironically it is DIRECTLY BEHIND/ATTATCHED to the oil filter was attatched. As i stated b4 they claimed my under carrigage was stuffed with snow, as i said before it was snowing the day i picked it up/dropped it off, living in an apartment bldg my driveway was unplowed with 4-6 inches of snow. not a problem for my 1999 audi a6 quatro, as it is an all wheel drive car. Upon getting my car towed, it was pulled in with the nose facing in, therefore the tow truck driver to get the car out, drags it out from behind to put it on his flatbed. Common sense would tell u if they raise te backend to bring the car up, it lowers the front part of te car while dragging it up. My audi has a plastic protection shield under the motor/oil filter etc that covers all that stuff. It is only opened on the backside, as te front part where it attatches is the front of the car, and its a snug fit. If the man was dragging my car onto the lift, obviously any snow that is in th way of this plastic piece is going to act as if a "backdrop of a plow", and any snow that is high enough to get up under that piece is going to go deeper, and deeper untill it is full of snow, or off the ground and on the trailer. This "packed snow" is what they are using as defense as saying i got into an accident, and etc.

When meeting with them they consisted to slander and call me a liar infront of my father who drove up from MA as i am acolelge student here in Henniker. My father also told them that this is MY car, not my parents. I just purchased te car in June , had it looked over by an audi mechanic several months ago and it has not had a single problem. I have contacted their corporate office, and have got pretty much nothing out of them yet. I am an honest college student just looking for some help, as i feel i am being taken advantage of from this company. My car is now in MA, waiting to be looked @ by the audi dealership in my town for exact/specific damage. I am asking that you guys could help me out, as no customer should be treated like this and called for a companies mistake. I am also contacting the NH attorney general to get help in this,as i said before i am a college student and cant afford to get a lawyer etc, nevermind replace the damage done to my car (more than likely seized motor).

I have talked to theire head customer service chump named "Joe", after sending an audi tech report in that says my oil filter housing is warped, due to the oil filter being to tight. Chump Joe insists taht they only touched the oil filter, but not the housing.. so my question is, what do you SCREW AN OIL FILTER INTO? THE HOUSING. FAIR WARNING, VIP IS AWFUL, AND NOW I HAVE A SEIZED MOTOR.


Monetary Loss: $6.

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Today I had a miserable visit to the Mexico, Maine V.I.P. It was, with out question, a day that reflected "inappropriate people".

It took three tries/three visits to get the job done right. Most of the female managers from my past visits had been outstanding, but the male manager today had "zero" genuine people skills.

I thought the horrific treatment I received was due to my being a double minority-female and Hispanic. :(


I used to work at at's some insight- they pay their employees complete c.r.a.p., most of their equipment is junk or doesn't work, the techs "eyeball" the alignments half the time because the machines usually are so far out of calibration, there is tremendous amount of pressure from high up in the corporate office for the employees to sell tons of maintenance packages. As far as warrantying any tires- they will make it as difficult as possible until you give up trying....taking your business elsewhere.

Some of the employees they hire are from temp agencies with little or no experience about automotive.

As far as being an employee, the customers get treated much better. I recommend staying as far away as possible, review their ratings on the better business website....not impressive for a reason.


My husband bought 4 new tires and had an aliment done only 5 months ago.A couple of days ago he noticed the inside of both front tires were completely bald He has owned this van for 7 years and has never had this problem before. VIP in Londonderry NH came up with every excuse they could as to why this happen.

They first said it was because of the weight in the truck.They knew the weight when they did the aliment and should have taken that into consideration when aligning the tires. None of the excuses were even reasonable! The reason why it happen is that they Did not do the aliment right! Then to top it off the clerk that waited on us could not have been any ruder!

He was actually trying to intimidate me by staring me down and mouthing off! I had to ask 3 or 4 times to please stop talking and just fill out the paper work and let us be on our way! I could not believe the treatment that we received from this store. And when I mentioned that there is a web site that is dedicated to VIP complaints the sales man just laughed.

It cost us almost 300.00 dollors more after the first 500.00. We were customers at VIP for sometime but after this we will never spend another dime there.We were also told by someone that use to work there that their aliment machine doesn\'t even work and they joke about it and call it a go and tow job!


Just to let you guys know... sometimes ppl make mistakes.

When they hire new ppl in a job they have to start somewhere. Sorry you think you got taken for a ride. But if you think about it.... Maybe VIP forgot to put oil in or there was a problem somewhere..

NEW truck right? don't you think a sensor would have gone off to tell you there was a problem before you drove it home? Or do you always not care about the dummie lights that you have? If oil was low it would have told you.

If gas is low it tells you, If you have a air leak it tells you.... VIP makes sure that you don't leave shop without all sensors are off. and the truck is working right... And if it was a new person working on your truck, A lic.

tech goes behind that person and makes sure everything was done right. Including checking oil pressure in the truck. If it doesn't hold oil pressure they fix there mistakes.. I have been going to VIP for 9 years now.

If I have a problem which is rare. They try to fix it...

coming from a girl with a CDL-A lic. maybe you should take a course in how to fix your own car?

to Lisa #687936

Unacceptable. I dont care if they are new or not.

I had similar situation when I took in a flat tire "to be repaired and pit back on". Three hours later completely flat again. Mind u we were away for the weekend so needless to say it was a ruined trip on the last day. When I got home my mechanic said the rim had NEVER been off the tire and there was NO plug.

All they did was blow it up. Now new or not to fix a tire means to FIX it. What part of that wouldn't a new person understand. VIP in Saco.

Not a safe place to go! The Attorney general will take it from here.


your first mistake is you bought a audi.


VIP is a horrible company..To work for and to shop at! I worked for VIP for 2 years and seen a lot of shady business...I remember this Audi in question the motor was taken to my store to have it swapped out! VIP is a *** company to work for I got screwed many many times by their TEAM attitude...

Clacton-On-Sea, England, United Kingdom #18807

I believe the girl said "Upon talking to my father who is a fire fighter in MA,"

And I believe she said nothing of the transmission...

Flower Mound, Texas, United States #9511

Now listen I know you may have some problems with the way this situation was handled, but first off I AM THE ASSISTANT MANAGER IN QUESTION and I, and my fellow coworkers went above and beyond the call of duty for you. Your Dad is a lawyer, is he not?

And you neglected to tell these people that I was very sweet to you the entire time you were going through this ordeal. WAS I NOT? But I come on here to find that it is YOU>>> who is slandering US, not the other way around. If you ask me, you got way more than you should have with alot more kindness and help from people like me than you deserved apparently.

So I apologize for the lack of sympathy now, but you've gotten way too much from our store for way too long. I am glad the whole ordeal is over and done with.

But people should know how an oil change can not cause a vehicle to have their transmission sensor ripped right out of the *** transmission. That my dear "POOR" college student is due to driver error...


when youre firing up a legal case against a large company like VIP (Dont get me wrong, i have plenty of my own problems with "the house of chrome"), my first suggestion would be not cursing them out on a public internet forum.

just a thought...

ps, what type of "poor" college student drives a brand new Audi? i know when i was in college('05), i drove a 91 buick, and was lucky to have that :roll

Wilsonville, Alabama, United States #1862

You claim to be a business major, but your spelling and grammer is terrible. Maybe I would have some sympathy for you if you were able to spell COLLEGE, but you seem to be a snot-nosed kid who thinks the world owes them something. Grow UP.

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