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The manager quoted me one price to replace my wheel bearings. After they had my truck for most of the day, I called to check on the progress.

They told me that I must have bought the truck from a Hurricane Katrina person because there was water in the casing. The quoted price went up and I needed my truck, so I paid it. A little over a month later, the bearings went out again. I had them check the brakes at the same time.

They quoted me $200 to replace the brakes. I said okay. I called later to see how it was going. They told me that the Expedition I owned (2 wheel drive basic) required special brake pads and it would cost another $100.

I was livid! I told the manager that I would be at his shop in less than 5 minutes to talk to him. He said he would be there...but he wasn't. He left right before I got there.

Liars...the whole lot of them. And then they argued with me about the brakes and told me that I was never quoted $200 and that I was lying!

Never, ever going back to VIP or anyone associated with them...EVER!!!

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VIP will treat you like you are special needs if you work for them, they are slave drivers and pay *** unless you are an ASE tech, they hire complete *** managers


Anonymous is obviously VIP Corp Damage Control. Nice Try.


vip and pepboys are both fine for do it your self type of people the people who need things done to ther cars trucks suv's and so forth should look around for small local shops ther are alot of them around and most are way cheeper then pepboys or vio and more honest and better products


they are horrible to the employees....managers mistreat employees and create horrible working conditions, there is constant pressure by corporate people to force them into selling services that the employees make no commission or profit sharing..this company has made a practice of micromanagement and offers no employee empowerment, btw this is why I no longer work there, I would not buy an airfreshener from this place and support them

#324312 long have you been working for VIP?? The place is terrible. Opinions are subjective, something must have resonated with this person to make them feel a certain way, so why not let other people know and decide for themselves?


Yup went in for an alignment and inspection. Guess what need rear brakes??

Truck stops on a dime never had any problems not so much as a sqeak!! OK gotta do it need the sticker. Oh and dont forget cant do the alignment need inner tie rods. 750 bucks later truck should drive like a dream.

Wrong rear brakes freeze up 2 days later. Oh now u need calipers another 300 bucks. We r talking 1100. bucks for a sticker.

Live and learn going to try for a class action suit we need to shut these thieves down! !!


Perhaps you should get the facts to the situation priot to grasping at an opinion, that indeed isn't factual. I have been using VIP in several locations throughout central maine for over 20 years.

I've had a few minor situations that they always work diligently to resolve.

If you contact the organiztion you will be addressed accordingly. Opinions aren't always a factual picture of what is being said.

One Happy Lifetime VIP Customer.


All these reviews have made me decide not to go to any of the VIP stores..I'll continue to go to Pep boys!!!

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