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I have been getting my oil changed for years at the VIP center in Topsham, ME. Recently, I went in to get my inspection sticker.

They failed me and stated that I needed to get two front tires, brake pads and new rotors, for a whopping cost of $510. My boyfriend suggested I go to a mechanic that he trusted, Tires 2 You. I am glad I listened - he gave me two new front tires for about $100 less than VIP offered, and told me that all I needed were new pads, and the rotors were absolutely fine. Not only that, he came to the house to do it.

The price came to a fair $250 - that's $260 less than VIP estimated.

I think it's disgusting that a place I have done business with for years would be so dishonest and rip me off to this degree, especially probably because I'm female.

Run do not walk away from Topsham VIP. I will never go there again, not even for an oil change.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vip Auto Parts Repair.

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went to mexico vip,because was leeking water, thay told me it was my waterpump. What A Nightmare.Almost 3 month to get the proper one put in ,there fix it man needs to go back to school.never will i go back.

SUV down most of that time. not even a discount on very very bad work and people manners.


that sounds about right....I bought stuff at VIP and they give you such a hard time (opening the box dumping everything out and counting all the pieces when I told them I didn't even open the box...) when returning I go to Pep Boys and they never say 2 words and happily return whatever you ask them to,btw called VIP for the most common Ford lower ball joint a couple days ago and was quoted $60....went to Pep Boys and got life time warranty one for $31....200% price match my but...why go through the aggravation when I can go somewhere else??!!! :grin


Let's put this in perspective- a small independent mechanic has everything to lose since their name is tied directly with their business and most are not incorporated. A large corporate facility with millions of dollars, good lawyers, and not much to lose since most of the people can just quit or who are just there because they need a job. My local mechanic drops off my car for me and is much less that these places


Unfortunately its the small shops that "honest mechanic" mentioned that do rip you off as far as the complaints go look at any company and I mean ANY company and there a thousands of complaints any smart person knows that all it takes is one person disatisfied over nothing that ruins a company's reputation.


Dishonest business practices are not a way to "earn an automotive customer for life", I recommend going to a shop that you know will not take advantage-usually small independent, most dealerships and retail outlets employees are paid flat rate or earn commission...figure the rest out


Sorry Ed, but I will not be back to Topsham VIP ever again, nor any VIP for that matter. You lost a loyal customer who has spent hundreds at your facility, and will lose the thousands of dollars I would have spent there in the future.

All the qualifications in the world do not matter if you are dishonest and cannot be trusted. Look on this site at all the complaints registered with VIP.

Fortunately, I have been very happy with the work that was done on my vehicle by someone who was fair and did not take advantage of my lack of automotive knowledge. That is of utmost importance in my book.


Our goal as a company is to "Earn an Automotive customer for Life" We offer the highest quality name brand parts with our ASE Certified Technicians ensuring quality mechanical repairs. We offer lifetime warranties on parts and labor and price match guarantees.

I would like to speak with you regarding your experience and have the opportunity to personally look into this matter further. Please feel free to contact me directly at at your convenience.

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