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My husband worked for this company for a short time. They desperately needed a mechanic and got him to leave his previous 40 hr a week job due to better pay. What they left out was that they planned on cutting everyone's pay drastically as well as there hours. He's lucky if he gets 30 hrs a week right now and to top it all of, if there is no work to be done because there are no vehicles needing service, the mechanics ONLY get penalized and the company has decided they are only going to pay them minimum wage.

My husband has over 10 years of mecahnical experience, an associates in automotive, AND he is ASE certified. He's also a phenomenal mechanic and he's even an honest one. (Hard to come by, I know)

Before you go to this place, please please please think of those guys working on your cars. VIP is charging around $80.00/hour and only paying the mechanics who are actually doing the work $7.50 an hour. I can't be the only one who is sick and tired of these greedy companies.

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York, Maine, United States #818059

7.50 an hour is for install techs who do tires and oil changes tht doesnt mean your a mecanic


The only persons that should be manager(s) is the mechanic(s) them selves. Highly trained sales person(s) only on the floor handling customers.

A dedicated person for stocking and filing would be the best set-up. I don't need a "manager" that doesn't work on my car. Telling me what needs to be done on my car.

I don't trust them, I trust the guy through the glass working on my car. If he says something I listen to him not the *** glorified sales person you call a "manager"!!!


they treat employees very badly and yes they will send you home early/cut your hours to save the store's hours- this is common practice which says a lot about them not giving a c.r.a.p.


I agree with this woman my other half works for VIP and he is college educated and he is a installer tech and the store manager refers to him as a tire tech yet he has the most ASE in the shop he has a full inspection license and for the most part they feed the work to people who are not as educated and he doesn't even make his flat rate and they cut his hours... Well they have a clown managing the store...

U really should treat ur employees with respect... I'm sorry if ur not ASE certified and u work in a shop I don't want u touching my vehicle at all...




Working at VIP is horrible, you are made to stand constantly, some uneducated *** manager orders you around and micromanages you to death, the pay is horrible but to be expected because most people there do not have a college degree...however some of the techs and store managers make a decent living, they make you work weekends.....yeah this sounds like a great place to work Andy


I worked there for 3 years. I think you have your facts wrong.

The pay is very good compared to many other shops.

Also why are you slamming a company that your husband works for? Seems all of the complaints I read about Vip are bogus.


I used to work for a VIP and high up the food chain would pressure us real bad about selling *** maintenance packages...oh yeah we would get nothing in return if we did sell them, glad I quit working for those clowns that btw do pay complete ***.


Everyone knows that VIP has their best interest at heart, not the customers. They have schemes that are meant to take advantage of the customer and drive their own profits up.

Every product they sell is a third rate product with gross profit in mind.

Their high pressure, hard sell tacticts are a sad example of what has happened to this world. A classic example of why you should deal with your locally owned shop owner.


then he's not ASE certified dumb ***. Tire techs make that.

He would make 7.50 an hour then get paid off the job as well. if he was good he's b making 15 bucks to 20 bucks an hour


its wonderful to see people complain before they even know what they are talking about sorry lady its called research try it before you ball your eyes out maybe he deserves 7.25/hr waaaa


As a professional automotive service provider we bill out mechanical service as outlined by industry standard labor guides.

Our technician compensation program is a modified flat rate program that is similar throughout the automotive industry.

Based off your comments it appears that you may have been misinformed. If you or your husband would like to discuss this further please feel free to contact me directly at

to Ed Michaud, VIP Parts, Tires a #815585

Hello Ed.

I'm writing to you to inform you that I quit VIP today. As funny as it sounds, it's got nothing to do with money, although the pay scheme does stink a bit!

It boils down to a situation which occurred a couple of days ago. During a state inspection, I was second guessed by the new store manager, Steve, concerning the tread depth on a Mazda pickup. The statute states that minimum depth allowed in the center of tread cannot be less than 2/32, and it was 2/32 in 9 different spots, so it passed! I agree that the tire looked bad but, it passed the guidelines for inspection.

What was I to do here? Fail it and have the customer go to a different shop and be told it passed, and lose my license? I've been inspecting vehicles since 1991, and am pretty sure I know what I'm doing!! Then to top it off, he cornered me when running it thru the inspection machine, and giving it a clear sticker due to emission issue.

He claimed that the customer had no right to get one because it was May and his birth month was Feb. I explained to him that the only statute on clear stickers is that a vehicle cannot get a second one. This is designed to force them to repair whatever the emission issue is. For all we know, this vehicle sat in his yard for an unknown length of time, and after he worked on it and got it road worthy, he brought it to get inspected.

It appears that Steve was upset about the loss of a tire sale. I get that but, this has to do with the state guidelines outlined in writing, which I as a inspector, have to adhere to regardless of my feelings.

I was informed today upon arriving to work, that Steve ranted and raved all day yesterday about this inspection, and made it out to look like I was bad in some way, which I have taken offense to, and along with another incident, has forced me to leave the company.

This other incident is simple.. A vehicle showed up for service, and I had looked across the shop to see another tech, Rich, looking at the R.O., and assumed he was doing it.

After awhile, I noticed that he wasn't working on a vehicle, so I walked over and observed the R.O. still hanging on the wall, so I grabbed it and proceeded to do the job. It was an older Jeep Wrangler, which was there for 2 tires and a alignment. The rims were custom painted and reverse mount rims, with custom center caps.

It took alittle time to remove the caps due to rusted hex-head screws, of which half were broken off. So I was careful not to break the remaining screws off, so the caps could be re-installed. I also was extremely careful with the rims, as not to gouge the black paint with our outdated tire machine! After this I put vehicle on alignment rack and was setting it up, when Steve came out, yelling at me about the time the vehicle was there, and I informed him that I was not sure how long it was hanging on the wall before I grabbed it, and what did he think I was doing?

I was doing the job!! I didn't want to say that Rich had decided he didn't want to do the job and walked away, without telling someone it was hanging there to be done. These things are at best ridiculous!!! I was told that Steve was saying I walked by the R.O.

many times and left it there. I didn't walk by it once!! When I saw it still there, I grabbed it knowing that Rich had left it there, and did the job.. End of story!!!!

After all that I have done for VIP since I came onboard, and it all came to this? I'm amazed that these things are condoned by you and Gary, and John!! I really thought that my efforts in cleaning up the reputation and appearance of this store would at least warrant some measure of respect from the higher up folks like yourself. It's unfortunate that I was misguided when hired on.

When I attended the tech meeting in Jan, I was under the impression that righting the wrongs, or fixing the bad stuff was imperative to the success of this location along with a few others. I could go on about many other things wrong here but, I will refrain from doing so. Suffice it to say that the story of "us" ends here.

Thank you for the chance to work for VIP, and I'm sorry it isn't going to work out. Some of the people here are good folks.


VIP is a blood sucking company who doesn't give two craps about their employees period. I was an assistant manager and they would tell me they had to send me home to save the store's hours.

Nice for a company to do this when they charge over $80 an hour. The store managers get many times over what their employees receive for pay. The store I worked at had a complete *** lowlife manager who was literally a slave driver-micromanager and actually discussed with a customer how he was angry corporate hired a tech for more than he wanted to pay...real classy. They expect and demand you push their maintenance packages while not paying commission.

I never received any profit sharing or raises for the year I worked there being told there were "wage freezes" an entry level job somewhere else paying a lot more than an assistant manager at VIP. Believe it or not techs have it much better than the rest of the store employees because most of them have good pay guarantees.

Oh yeah and I don't have to work every Saturday and Sunday anymore. This place does not deserve to be in business- look at the reviews on the internet and BBB website....what a joke


You obviously dont understand the pay structure and maybe your husband should sit down with his GM and or DM and get schooled on how hes paid. Also there are no ASE techs in the company that get minimum wage.

to VIP Man #814991

Really?? I beg to differ with you!

Unless you are on a flat rate billed job, you are getting a max of 7.25 hr....If you aren't allowed to take lunch, your productivity goes south and you lose all your flat rate time. Working your *** off for 10.5 hrs a day and only getting at best 30 hrs, is not very enjoyable...They will tell you that flat rate guys are billing 100-120 hrs a pay cycle..What a crock of ***!!!!. They told me all kinds of stuff to get me in the door, and then long afterwards they fessed up about the pay rates. To top it off, they expect me to do lots of other stuff and get paid peanuts for it.

I've always had an issue with working for free.. Especially when there is no compensation for it.

Kholargos, Attica, Greece #362691

Good! Serves your husband right!

Is he a man, or a wuss? How come he cannot fight his own balltes,

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