Brought my car in for some work, had an estimate of $180 which I was told was parts and 90 minutes of labor. The car was finished in half the time.

I was charged for the full 90 minutes. I argued with the manger who stated he had to charge the labor quoted because of the automotive manual or guideline book that they use. I have issues in the past with VIP auto. Too many to name.

I haven't used them in over 10 years. I go back and I got screwed over.

See'ya in another 10 years.

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As a professional automotive service provider all of our locations are a flat rate labor facility. We use industry standard labor guides such as Alldata and Mitchell to obtain flat rate labor for mechanical service repairs.

Based off your post we quoted you the total price for parts and labor and came in at the quoted price.

The flat rate disclaimers are posetd with the established rates.

We hire skilled ASE Certified Technicians that provide quality repairs.

This is not a VIP program it is industry standard for reputable quality automotive repair facilities.

If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me directly at emichaud@vipauto.com


they want your money, make no mistake about that


He is right by telling and charging you that--there are books that tell the mechanic how long it normally takes to do the job and thats with average skills--so thats whats called book rate--its used to quote estimates, and jobs--if it was a job he does regularly he might have picked up some time saver tricks or it went really smooth--any good mechanic can beat book time if he does the job often--now if it took longer he still has to go by book time and he would lose money--as long as the job was done right and fixed your problem whats the problem? you have no idea of what it cost to operate a fully stocked auto repair shop--the equipment is through the roof--the special training thats required and then you have to deal with customers who thinks their car is still as simple as a 65 chevy to fix--i had my own auto repair shop for over 30 years until i retired-- my answer to customers like you was- i'm like your doctor--you pay me for what i know--not how i do it--and that was one of the reasons i stayed so busy--i got you in and out fast--not make you wait all day for a 1 hour repair.

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