I used to work for VIP Auto and by far it was one of the worst jobs I ever had in management. The company only focuses on taking as much money out of your wallet by making their employees sell you these *** gimmick maintenance services that is as much or more than the dealerships charge.

The chain of management is horrible and they treat their employees like complete ***.

Steer clear of these ***, they are notorious for not standing behind their "lifetime" warranty on labor and use numerous scam ads for tire sales. Don't say you weren't warned.....don't give these guys a dime of your money.

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I agree more than you could imagine! I put my all into this place, believed all the bs lies to get me in the door, even barked enough to get the *** things changed, only to see others come in and make things just as bad as they were before.

No "team" here at all. Just "cliques".........

Great job guys!


this probably one of the worst jobs ever...they don't show a bit of respect and pay squat

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