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On June 10,2008, I had a oilchange and car alignment done at VIP in Londonderry, NH- Idid drive the car for several days; on July 1st as I was driving on Route 93 going north, I heard a flapping noise and them my car began to shimmey so I pulled off into break down lane asap.

I did check my tires and under my car and didnt see anything at that time so I called AAA and tow truck and tech name Joe arrived and checked the car out and found that all the lug nuts on the rear passenger side were all loose and according to him that if I had driven the car a few miles longer the tire would have come off!!! Also on my front passenger side one of the lug nuts were loose as well. It was late Pm before I arrived home so I called the VIP at Londonderry on July2nd, and asked for the service manager- a gentleman came on the phone stating his name was Derek, I told him my full name and asked him his, he refused saying he never gives his full name and he asked what was the problem- I explained to him what had happened- he said- that this kind of thing never happened there before and I said, I hope I am the first and last.

I was expecting him to say he was sorry or etc but when he didnt I did explain that the AAA - tech said I could have been in accident or caused an accident etc. Again he said . Nver happened before, so I asked if he was going to at least check into this serious matter,again he said nver ever happened before.

So I said I was not pleased with his attitude and would hve to notify the State Attorney General 's office and BBB office- he said do want what you have to do !!

So I did submit a complaint to the BBB .

I sent 3-e-mails to the VIP company headquarters as well but with no response. So thats why I am writing this review

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Londonderry, New Hampshire, United States #734062

I have been going to vip in londonderry nh for years now and for the past year I have had the best service and experience by steve at the front desk. He has always been honest, respectful, helpful, pleasant, and friendly. With out him there my experiance has been very short of all expectations this time around and I dont know if I wantcontnue my business at vip if the poor customer continues.


Has anyone had an issue with VIP not honoring their warranties? I am about ready to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Maine Attorney General


No surprise they didn't respond back to your emails, they're too busy slave driving


Derek Is No Longer In the Company


This company should not be allowed to be in business, poor business practices that are dangerous. I would contact the attorney generals office and file a complaint especially since they returned your vehicle to you in a dangerous state. No wonder they are not accredited with the BBB....I hope you have written a google review on these hacks

Lizton, Indiana, United States #363466

I had an oil change done at this place and they called me out in the bay and showed me that my brake lines were really bad. I agreed and paid the price of $594.

Dropped it off on a Tues evening and expected it the evening of the next day. They called and said it would be late or possible the next day. They called at 6:15 pm that Wed and said it was ready. I arrived and found they were still working on it seems there brake bleed machine was broken as well as the bleed valves on my back caliper.

They asked me if I wanted me to pay half of the cost of the replacement calipers and I said no. They finished my truck in the bay the tech aid here you go good to go and we walked in to the main building and I paid in full. Two weeks later I was washing mud off my inner fender wells and noticed my front brake line were not replaced nor the main feed from the ABS module to the rear proportional valves. I confronted the manager JOE and his reply was must be miscommunication on our part.

Ya right! I didn't offer to pay for the calipers so they screwed me on the work performed; they changed 4 out of 7 lines. They gave me an unsafe vehicle back, didn't do work charged for and also created a liability for their company. These people are dangerous and unscrupulous.

If I had an accident on my 19 hour trip to Kentucky my family would be in a law suit with these ***. The paper work states all brake lines replaced payment in full.


the Milford location is just as bad, they will work on 2-3 cars while they make you wait when you have an appointment, the manager was very arrogant as well


While I understand you are up set at what happened, it is a general rule that the lug nuts can come lose on there own. It is recommened to check all you lugs after you have drive the car 50miles when having any work done that requires taking the wheel(s) off.

I am not saying they didn't screw up, but if the car is older or high milage its very common to have to lugs come loose.

Radziszow, Malopolskie, Poland #27269

Plus Mike, I am not sure if you are a minority or not but after that comment that you might no understand english I would make a complaint about discrimination to. That is totally uncalled for.

We are all the same no matter what we look like. Those Derek and Lou guys sounds like real jerks.

Radziszow, Malopolskie, Poland #27268

We moved to Londonderry a year ago and I was warned by several Moms never to go to the Londonderry VIP. They said Derry is only a little further and I would be much more satisfied.

I used the same exact coupon in August at the Derrry location and it was honored. Plus from a legal stand point they have to honor it or it is false advertising.

If the BBB gets enough complaints then this Derek fellow will be FIRED. Do your self a favor and go to Derry in the future.

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