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I needed a bulb replaced in my headlamp and stopped at VIP in Windham. I was told it I had to make an appt and it could run $19.95 to $60.00 depending on how long it took.

I made an appt and left. Two days later I was in Norway and went by another VIP. I stopped hoping I could get the headlight fixed sooner than the appt in Windham. The guy said he would look at the car and see if the bulb could be replaced easily.

He went out in the parking lot, walked back into the store, got a bulb, went back outside, and was back behind the parts counter in less than 10 minutes. Fixed and he only charged me for the bulb. I told him about my experience at the Windham VIP, and he suggested I go to this site and write it up. I called Windham VIP and cancelled the appt.

I was asked why, and when told them about my experience in Norway, I was told Norway VIP was not following protocol. He can call it what ever he wants, I call it good customer service.

Norway VIP is a good place, and I will drive out of my way to go there rather than Windham.

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Haha! :grin Please, VIP Customer Service.

Minimum labor charges on installing headlights??? I certainly hope this is not the industry standard. I don't go to VIP, but I was thinking about it since I need some work done on my car over the weekend, so I went looking for customer reviews and ended up here. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind paying for service, but I will stick with my local garage.

At least if he charges me $7.99 to install a headlight, we'll get a good laugh out of it. After the cookie cutter response from VIP Customer Service, I would gather that customer concerns and comments are not really "heard" and that employees are probably harshly reprimanded, if not fired, for not adhering to the strict corporate-style rules. I think you missed the point of the customer comment, VIP. No matter what everyone here thinks, this customer thought his Norway experience was a good one.

I don't remember Napa or Advance charging me anything when I make a purchase and need to fix something on my vehicle while I'm still in the parking lot. In fact, I never even ask. I will tell you that I don't forget the places where people come out and offer help. This is what makes for some incredible experiences.

As I am typing this, I do remember that Napa in Westbrook had this young kid who came out in the dark during a rainstorm to help me fix a tricky light on my car. He didn't expect anything in return and it took a while to get it working correctly, but I appreciated it and never forgot it because I was impressed with his willingness to lend a hand. These are the things that reflect well on a company. Advance on the corner in Westbrook is helpful with the tool lending and the check engine light tester, too.

People will usually share their experiences with others at some point, whether they are good or bad.

I know I do. :grin ;) ;)


i had the best customer service ever at the vip in windham. fred came out and helped me figure out what strong arm struts my car needed. he was very cool about it.


they are meatballs and are not allowed to work on your car in the parking lot, the worker was probably one of the temp. employees they hire on a regular basis


I apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused. We do have a minimum charge of $7.99 for a "Basic" Headlamp install.

We refer to industry standard flat rate guidelines to obtain labor times for more advanced installs and we charge accordingly.

We would like additional information regarding your experience. Please contact us at

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