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I recently went tire shopping for my Jeep Cherokee. I wanted to purchase 235/75/15 tires for it. I knew VIP had a meet it or beat it tire policy. Well I got quotes and then went to VIP.

Once there it took about 20 min AND me approaching someone to get them to pay any attention to me. I guess standing in front of the counter waiting doesn't qualify as needing assistance.

Now I finally have someone looking up tires for me, I ask them about their meet it or beat it tire price guarantee. The counter guy told me you bet not only will we meet it we will beat it by 5% as long as the tires are comparable. Now this is where the story gets good. Once they realized that they COULDN'T beat the price they started making up reasons why they didnt have to. The first excuse was that Goodyear didnt make that tire, I questioned the fact that they were using a tire book from 2007!!!!! Not to mention my computer generated quote (as required by VIP) stated the tires as Goodyear Wrangler. Then they started trying to find anyway out of their guarantee they could, including telling me that the tires I had a quote for were not the mileage rating that I was quoted. But I did get a meet it or beat it quote from VIP. The computer generated quote I gave them was for $389.58. The quote they gave me for a INFERIOR 40,000 mile tire was $405.05!!!!!!! Some meet it or beat it price match guarantee this is!!!!!

I will NEVER shop at VIP AGAIN!!!!!

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VIP is running an ad this week that states on the radio and TV any tire at $59.00. I called over to the Stillwater store and got a quote for 4 tires that I thought was at $59.00.

They gave me the quote for $453.70. I asked why so much? They replied that it was because that you get a lifetime rotation warranty on the tires. So for buying the tires at $59.00 I had to spend an extra $200.00.

WTF!!!! VIP on the Oldin road told me it was a ripoff and that they have gotten a lot of complaints from the ad that is running on the radio and TV.

I think that they are playing a dirty games again. Don't go to VIP and save your money.


absolutely it should, don't work for vip, i just don't support customers trying to exploit people who never did anything to deserve it


Well since you have no clue and you probably work for VIP I will take your comments for the ignorance that they are.

First of all it wasn't some poor counter kid, it was the former store manager. Second of all the former store manager call VIP's main office in Lewiston. It was between the store manager and the corporate office that refused to honor their customer service statement.

Yep it's ignorant idiots like you posting to these boards trying to make people look bad when in truth you are just showing you are nothing but an idiotic *** and truly showing how ignorant you really are.

VIP has a history of ripping their customers off. Don't you think that should be brought to light???


yep, it's customers like you that just absolutely suck; yelling at some poor counter kid making $9/hr...did you ever stop to think that HE didn't make the rules, it's the corporate machine that forces him to follow these scam artists rules? So what, you ***, you want him to just give you the price you want and for him to lose his job? typical ignorance.

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