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Went in for an inspection then called me to ask me if he could remove the boot to check for leak as they were not sure if it was water or power steering fluid then they give me a crock of sit about brakes on the very very ouside saying there is rust and my pads are not working ( I would love to give this *** a ride at only 35 and hit my brakes of course he would not be allowed to use a seat belt then lets see this Bozo tell me i dont have good braking *** this car stops on a dime then he shows me my tie rod saying there is play so here I am watching it and truly I see NO PLAY in the TieRod end, well anyway here it is they broke off the METAL CLIP and slid it back and fluid came running out Now I have NEVER put any fluid in it and it had 60,000 miles and from what I saw it looked like a good half cup had come out So I failed then I get a state Law report showing all the reasons for failure

Then I start buying the stuff to repair it right away something stinks in denmark the prices are higher than those if i brought it directly hmm and the rack and pinion was a differance of like 75 bucks what the *** is that so anyways I start the job and I all the way to the control arm bushings which also have to be replaced and I would even agree with that Assesment as they were bad then another nightmare the retaining nuts which I am sure they knew about as i have found out after on the web that the retaining nut on the inside of frame rots and you need to cut the interior wall to repair and it is quite time consuming so the price would have climbed another couple hundred well Ok Then I took off the tie rod end and then I saw the boot where they had slid it back and this fluid escaped I removed the boot completely as that was pretty simple at this point and after inspection noticed a good sized crack in it I checked my fluid holder and I could'nt add an eyedroper of fluid So the Fluid they found was indeed water not Power steering fluid seems these guys dont know the differance between water and power steering fluid. I had to replace the boot from one at a junk yard as no one sells just the boot you have to buy the entire rack and pinion.

the other little things were quickly taken care of lic. light and wipers and oxidated lights we never had that problem when they were made out of glass now it is all plastic. A State inspection is a licence to rob you at V.I.P.

So take it anywhere but there you are just asking to be robbed!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vip Auto Parts Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States #801525

so you failed state inspection, boo freaking hoo. grow up :cry

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