Somersworth, New Hampshire

About a year ago my son took his truck to VIP in Sommerswoth for a special offer for a front end aligment. Once up on the lift my son was told that they could not do the aligment because the passenger side ball joint was shot.

My son then called me to which I responded to tell theem to take it off the lift. VIP protested but did take it off the lift. My son then drove to our regular mechanic (who does not have a aligment rig) to question the ball joint as the truck was recently inspected. He found absolutely nothing wrong with the ball joint and called the manager at VIP who in turn was very apologetic and agreed to do the aligment.

Ya we'll be going back. In fairness the lot of these places are the same and I don't really trust any of them.

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The Milford location is no better


Took my car there for struts in Nov. had good service for this, now in march they say i need a rack and pinion.

I made the appt. brought the car in and then they say it is something else not the rack and pinion. They changed my snow tires over to my regular tires and now one tire is making a humming noise (very annoying) they said it was just the normal noise of my car. I took it over to my husbands mechanic and they told me it is the wheel bearings.

I really am pissed this is ridiculous.

Thought they would know what is wrong especially when we told them what we thought it was. we were right..

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