I came in for a inspection, oh it’s not for free as the coupon indicated. Then they tell me I can't pass inspection because my oil stick is broken and a muffler hanger is missing and for only 120.00 I can pass inspection.

Then come to find out they cut my ABS sensor to turn the ABS indicator light off...as told to me by Taylor. Great Service!

The place is clean, they do carry cheap tires. The problem is these guys work of commissions and you are nothing but money and they'll do what they need to in order to get it from you.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Reading some of these make me laugh. I have been a mechanic for about 15 years and I can tell u that if u cut a ABS wire your light will come on not go out.

And they do not get commission they get flat rate. Those are not even close to the same. Don't get me wrong I am not a fan of VIP. I worked there for five years and have seen some shady stuff.

Example yarmouth VIP took a starter out cleaned it and put it back in

But the customer had thought he bought a new one. I seen a oil change done and oil never put back in. U guessed it new motor.

At the customers expence. I don't know what they do in court but they always seem to win.


They do NOT get commission!

Also, A cut sensor cable will trip the light, not make it go away.


Hey Mr.Um. They cut his ABS sensor as told to him by a "technician" to turn the light off so they could pass him.


this comment is so full of ***...it's disgusting. Maine state law is what failed your vehicle, not some company. Get your facts straight before you cry.

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