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I couldn't believe my eyes when I found out how much more money I payed to have my car fixed at the Merrimack VIP. They quoted me a price and I let them do it, not knowing what I was about to discover.

They charged me almost 2 1/2 times more for the part than what a dealer charges. And I thought I was getting a deal. I later found out from talking to an employee in the parking lot, that if they have to pickup the part from another supplier, they have a markup so ridiculous, you are better off going to the dealer to have the work done. They have been doing this for a couple of years, so if you had work done in the past and think you have been taken, then you have been "Ripped Off".

Its bad enough we have little money to spend, now your local VIP Repair shop is going to try and take it all,stay away people. Find someone else or get 2-3 estimates before you spend your hard earned money, good luck and stay away from ALL VIP AutoParts stores

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I worked at a VIP and the company is full of greedy managers and corporate people....they treat their employees like complete *** and make them work like dogs and sell *** gimmick maintenance services so the managers make huge bonuses...I would never give them a penny


I've been doing business for thirty plus years, running three to five trucks all the time. I do a lot of my own work, but very rarely do I ever find better pricing on parts or guys willing to make it right.

But you have to be an informed customer and if your reading this, you have all the information at your fingers. The labor rate at VIP, is ridiculous and the empty bays are just as ***. If they dropped there rates $12.00 an hour they would have 16 to 20% more work in less than 60 days, an easier shop schedule to fill and be able to hold on to the better mechanics. Get your *** together VIP - your missing the boat, turning the average customer away and loosing good shop people.

Face it the average customer doesn't know squat and if your charging $15.00 more an hour than the next seven closes, *** mechanics, people just don't know the difference. Sad but true, so market to the *** people, give them more for a little less and adjust to the economy.

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