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So my vehicle was low on air, more then I relised when I left to go to Cumberland farms down the road. When I arrieved there the tire had lost all the air and the tire came off the rim entirely, and then I top that off my spare would NOT come out of the truck because what held it in had broke, well Looking around not knowing what to do I call VIP because it was right across the road.

I waited for 10 min. before they even answered when there was no one even in the parking lot, once he answer I told him what had happened and that I'm a girl and I had no clue what to do but that I could get the tire off and bring it over so they could put the tire back on the rim...

Well he responded no we are to busy and hung up the phone on me!! So I had to brake the bar that keeps my tire in the truck and put it on in the freezing weather because aperently they were to busy to do something that would take all of 5 min!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Newark, New Jersey, United States #1256233

Did it take you 5 mins like you said lol

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