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i took my truck in on aug 12,2009 for a tire and alignment i was charged 69.99 for the alighnment that was never done i have the pieces from another machanic that were suppose to be taken out at the time of service at vip i just dont want other people to take there vechiles to vip auto in derry,nh and get ripped off like i did its pretty sad that this company doesnt care who they rip off they put my life at danger and i will never shop there again and will tell others to do the same thank u

Monetary Loss: $69.

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Had the same problem,4 tires replaced service guy tells me the tire pressure sensor is damaged,it was ok when i came in said a rock must have hit it and bent it,replacement cost $111.oo thank you VIP man!


I took my truck to VIP auto in Claremont,NH

for new tires, drove less 10 miles tires pressure sensor light came on. took the truck back twice and Vip auto manager suggested that take it to Toyota dealer.

Toyota dealer stated that the sensor was damaged during tire changed.

Now Vip auto told me that I may or may not get reimburstment in full. I will never buy or do any business with them ever again..


I went there with a free coupon for inspection...I ended with a bill for over $ 500.00, they told me to do things that were not done, for example suspension...Ja, and other phony things, that was for nothing, alignement was never done, that was discovered later by my mechanic, after e-mailing VIP about all this, they never responded...nice...I will never go there again

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