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I went to vip for an inspection, my first and only experience with them. The front desk person took my info. Within ten minutes they took my car in. After the service person went over my car, he returned to the office saying everything passed except i needed vrear brakes. The desk person then gave me a shopping list of every imaginable rear break and excessory right down to new brake lines. He then told me that they could do it right then... Read more

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Upon requesting a new State inspection for my Toyota Tacoma I was told by VIP I needed new front brakes and a wheel alignment. At 52,000 miles my brakes were replaced by my personal certified mechanic (who was on his honeymoon), just last Spring. He replaced the brakes and shocks. New ceramic brake pads were installed which could not possibly be worn in less then 700 miles? I was also told I need a wheel alignment which I seriously doubt and... Read more

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My mom has a chevy trailblazer and for a basic oil change she had to pay 45 bucks is that right because it sounds like a rip off to me Add comment

Recently I took my car over for inspection. My husband, who had good inspection license and who was a mechanic for many years ssid the car was excellent and there is no reason for it not to pass. After about 20 minutes they tell me i need a new tire, ok, i tell them to put one on. 45 minutes later they tell me they can't find one and that my car failed because it needed 2 parts. They tried to quote me a price, i refused, and they miraculously... Read more

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I had my car "pre-inspected" by a dear friend, knowing if there were an issue he would tell me, as he wants my children and I safe at all times. He declared my car in great shape. I took my car into VIP to be given a LIST of reasons it would not pass. Including a window that didnt open properly? I have NEVER had a car not pass for that reason. I then took it, a couple of days later, to another agency, who also put it on a lift, and gave them... Read more

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I was so impressed with VIP in Rockland, I stopped going there a few years back from a problem I had there, I decided to go back to try again and I was happy that I did. The manager,Mr. Chris Roberts took care of the problem w/ my car, and was so friendly, and all concerned about the problem. ($1347.39 to fix). the mechanic that I was going to had no idea what was wrong w/ my car, but the men @ VIP found it within 3 min and fixed it. I was so... Read more

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I'm the guy with the shock issue.......also had an oil change. My oil sticker had not been replaced so I went back the next day and charged me for an oil change, did you actually do it? He replied.......I have no way of knowing that. WARNING.....stay away from the VIP - O'Riley's on Western Avenue in Augusta, ME. When it was just VIP, Josh worked on the counter. The guy knew his stuff and everyone trusted him. I do not trust the... Read more

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So I go back to my VIP in Augusta ME after the shock job is finished to check my lug nuts. I noticed on the way there, my oil sticker had not been updated. I also had an oil change when I got my shocks done to pass inspection. I said to the manager of the store "Did you give this car an oil change?" He said, "I have no way of knowing that." I said, "Well they didn't change the sticker." He said, "If you got charged for it, it got done." Well, I... Read more

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I took my 2013 jeep wrangler to get an inspection sticker. The tech took it in put it on the lift walked around underneath then left it alone for 15mins . He came into the waiting room 5 mins after that and announced it needed a front lower ball joint !!!! It has 34K and has never been driven anywhere other than the street !!!!!!! I told him to show me . He took me to the lift took a 3 ft bar and pride to rods so that they moved apart just... Read more

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I went to the Riverside Street VIP on 9/25/15 to get a set of tires. I have a 2008 F 250 Super Duty and wasn't sure what the best type of tires to get we're. The salesman showed me the different types of tires, than they price compared with surrounding shops and matched the price of the tires I needed. They took good care of my truck and me. I recommend them for tire Thanks Billy Bushey Add comment

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